News 2018-10-06 Joe takes 3rd in Triton Showers National Championship!

The Jacksons Hotel Donegal Harvest Stages Rally didn't get the best of weather at the start of the day with heavy rain from before the cars even left parc ferme but Joe McGonigle said himself that it was better to know that they were facing wet conditions than to face the mixed conditions they had in Sligo.

On stage 1 the lads got off to a great start. They almost caught Declan Boyle before the end of the stage and they also managed to set a time 1 second faster than Donagh Kelly so straight away they were in the mix with the fastest contenders and lying 5th overall already.

On stage 2 Joe & Ciaran set the 4th fastest time even though they went off at the acute hairpin into a ditch near the end where there was lots of standing water.
Then on stage 3, they had a few really big slides but they put this down to starting the event on used tyres but had to admit that new tyres would probably have helped that wee bit better to cope with the conditions.

On the 4th stage, they set the same time as Declan Boyle and have now moved up to 3rd overall. Joe commented that the car was working really well but they needed to try to save the front tyres as much as possible but felt like they were going good so far.

Joe was able to take 2 seconds from Donagh Kelly on stage 5 even though conditions were continuing to get worse. He commented that the amount of standing water was unbelievable but they were still enjoying themselves. The car is fantastic and we're driving like we're on gravel.
At the end of stage 6, Joe said he felt like they were going hard and everything was OK as they continued to hold position at 3rd overall. 

The battle was on for the final place on the podium and Joe had an overshoot near the start of stage 7. Unfortunately, it meant having to go down the road, turn and come back so we lost a lot of time there. They also had a big scare at one point with a lot of standing water.
On stage 8 they were 2 seconds quicker than Donagh Kelly and thought they were perhaps catching the car in front because Joe could see the mist kicked up by a car ahead of them. This now left them only 0.7 seconds away from Donagh Kelly going into the final stage.
The two cars raced through the final stage but unfortunately for Joe, they missed out on the podium when Donagh pipped them to third place by only 1.8 seconds. It was a very tight race and fair play to everyone that finished such a difficult event with horrendous rain and standing water on the roads.

Published on  February 4th, 2019